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Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide Career Fair October 2019

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Leona Watson

Basic Cuisine, Sydney Campus, 1997

Founder/Managing Director at Cheeky Food Events


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Raymond Lim

Monday, 22 May 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Hillaria Juliana

Raymond Lim

Owner of RayMade, John Montagu Cafe, Yan Restaurant

Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery), Sydney, 2010

Self-starter Raymond Lim Le Cordon Bleu Sydney cuisine graduate of 2010 always aspired to running his own business or two …. Prior to Le Cordon Bleu, Raymond left his finance job and worked for Les Amis Group, one of Singapore’s finest Restaurant Group; starting with a 3 month stage before being offered a full-time position as an apprentice.  Raymond said: “This is where I learnt a lot of my fundamental skills in the art of French cooking from the many chefs in the restaurant group and how to create dishes from nothing – a critical part of my career development”.   Raymond also spoke about the importance of having good mentors to provide the ever crucial “foundation grooming”; always ensuring he has a strong network of peers he can tap into when needed.  

In 2014 Raymond had the opportunity to fulfill his dream and open his first establishment.  “Starting out with only a small domestic stove in a very tight kitchen with a very tight budget was a great learning curve” said Ray. Working long days he slowly built up his first business from 3 to now 10 staff.  He has a vision to open five restaurants in the coming years. Raymond puts his success down to a few key lessons saying, “running a business as a chef you need to know how to cook, know your numbers and network – step outside your comfort zone and experience a different environment; meet different people and finally respect your local customers, listen to what they want (food wise) and not what you think they want”.

When asked what was Raymond’s inspiration and drive he simply said: “I have ‘cooks’ blood’, my father’s family are all part of the cooking world – it’s in my blood too I guess and simply cooking for people is the greatest privilege I have, and I get to do it everyday!”  John Montagu Café has been frequently mentioned in the media over the last two years namely Broadsheet, Sydney Morning Herald and even made it into the Good Café Guide the first year of operation.

Inspiration behind the Café name John Montagu:  In the late 1700s, John Montagu was claimed to have invented the sandwich. Meat slapped between two pieces of bread over a card game they say – a homage to the man himself!

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