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Basic Cuisine, Sydney Campus, 1997

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Matcha Green Tea Entremet by Chef Gunawan

Tuesday, 6 June 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Hillaria Juliana


1 recipe of green tea mousse

1 recipe of red bean diplomat

1 recipe of lychee jelly

1 recipe of blood orange curd

1 recipe of matcha pastry

1 recipe of matcha glaze


Pour half of the green tea mousse into 20cm diameter disk mold, layer frozen red bean diplomat followed by lychee jelly and blood orange curd, then top with the rest of the mousse. Gently place the matcha pastry on top. Deep freeze overnight, glaze when ready.


Green Tea Mousse


290 gr   Cream

155 gr   White Chocolate

6 gr       Matcha Powder (diluted in 5ml water)

6 gr       Leaf Gelatine (soaked)

35 gr     Egg yolk

10 gr     Caster Sugar


  1. Bring to boil 150 gr cream with matcha powder, leave to infuse, whisk until smooth.
  2. Bring matcha cream back to boil.
  3. Whisk egg yolk and sugar.
  4. Temper the yolk mixture with matcha cream, pour back to the pan bring to

    82o - 84o Celsius (coating), add soaked gelatine.

  5. Strain the matcha mixture to white chocolate, stir until smooth, let it cool.

  6. Whip 140 gr cream to soft peak, and fold the whipped cream.


Red Bean Diplomat


3           Egg yolk

25 gr     Sugar

10 gr     Cornstarch

125 gr   Milk

125 gr   Red bean paste

100 gr   Whipped cream

1 drop   Red food colouring


  1. Combine yolk, sugar, and cornstarch.
  2. Bring milk and red bean paste to boil, then whisk in red bean mixture to egg mixture.
  3. Return to heat until thicken, let it cool, then fold in whipped cream & red food colouring.
  4. Freeze to 18cm diameter disk


Lychee Jelly


250 gr  Lychee Puree

8 gr      Leaf gelatine (soaked)


  1. Bring puree to boil, remove from stove, add soaked gelatine.
  2. Freeze to 18cm diameter disk

Blood Orange Curd


125 gr   Sugar

150 gr  Eggs

500 gr  Blood Orange Puree

5 gr      Leaf Gelatine (soaked)

200 gr  Butter


  1. Bring sugar and puree to boil, then temper the egg with puree mixture.
  2. Remove from stove, add soaked gelatine
  3. Cool to 60o, blitz in butter with food processor
  4. Freeze to 18cm diameter disk


Matcha Pastry


125 gr   Flour

10 gr     Matcha Powder

65 gr     Sugar

65 gr     Butter

20 gr     Pistachio

1 gr       Salt

0.5        Egg


  1. Blitz all ingredients in food processor together except egg.
  2. Once all mixed thoroughly, blitz in egg to combine
  3. Wrap in cling wrap, rest in fridge for 30 minutes
  4. Roll and cut into 16 cm diameter, bake at 160o for 8 minutes


Matcha Glaze


15 gr     Leaf gelatine (soaked)

210 ml  Water

105 gr   Caster sugar

210 gr   Glucose

140 gr   Cream

210 gr   White Chocolate

10 gr     Matcha powder (diluted in 1.5 tbs water)


  1. Bring water, sugar, and glucose to a boil
  2. Add cream and soaked gelatine to the glucose mixture
  3. Pour over white chocolate, then blitz with hand blender.

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